About Us

Mr.Nagendra Kumar has established Maa Shanti computer in 2001 with its branch in Lucknow & also in New Delhi.
It has been working since 2001.

As now when the world is suffering from an invisible enemy, government is continuosly keeping its efforts to tackle with it.And many initiatives and projects are running for boosting our economy. Currently some intiatives taken by goverment for digitisation have given a platform to digitise our nation. And being a responsible citizen, we have decided to put up some efforts so that we could contribute towards our nation. So for this being the Director of MAA Shanti computer ,we've decided to deliver our services in lucknow & many districts of uttarpradesh.

For this we have designed a platform named Easykartindia.com , which is an online e-commerce website where one can buy essential commodities easily with authencity & safety. Along with buying, one can avail necessary services too being at home. Our purpose behind it to serve at low cost which is easily affordable by the people. As the situation has arisen where staying home is important to protect oneself & also our nation, so for this some initiatives are required to fulfill the requirements of people being at home. We hope that by this we'd be able to fulfill their requirements at reasonable value.

Easykartindia has been registered as EZ4U E-Commerce Private Limited. Under Companies Act, 2013. We have Join hands on The Government Product
'' ONE DISTRICT ONE PRODUCT, '' The objectives of the this Scheme is for Preservation and development of local crafts / skills and promotion of the art. Increase in the incomes and local employment (resulting in decline in migration for employment). With this Scheme our Aim is The same, providing Employment and Opportunities to Youngsters and to Train them for Future. India is a Land of Opportunity. So, Lets Work to Make India again the most Employed Country in The World.